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How to remove 'O FILTERED LINES' without switching to "All" option.

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  • How to remove 'O FILTERED LINES' without switching to "All" option.

    I am trying to compare the text files with some rules on. It compares the text file in the beginning. But after comparing some lines, there are some 'O FILTERED LINES' text shown in both files at different instances. I wonder if there is any way to remove these because actual comparison texts are after those. Because of these 'O FILTERED LINES' actual comparison between texts shows everything in red but the fact that it is available in these files after these 0 filters. Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for the screenshot, but how many filtered lines are on the left side? There are scenarios where aligned filtered sides have different filtered line counts, and expanding either group will expand the section (where the left might be 5 lines and the right might be 0, but aligned to the 5).

    A full screen screenshot could help. If you want to email instead of post publicly, you can email to
    If you do, please also include a link to this forum thread for our reference.

    If you email, also include a pair of sample files from the screenshot and your (Help menu -> Support; Export), and we can then recreate the screenshot and issue.
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      For other users who find this forum thread, the left side aligned collapsed area did have line counts, determined by the surrounding sections. The collapsed marker exists in both panes, so the 0 line on the right exist because 1+ line sections exist on the left.
      Aaron P Scooter Software