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Duplicate a folder, compare the two folders, files are marked as different?

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  • Duplicate a folder, compare the two folders, files are marked as different?

    Hi @all,

    in a folder compare, BC4 shows file differences, although the files are all the same.
    When opening the files one by one, the icon changes to equal. But of course I don't want to step through all files manually...

    I can reproduce this in an easy way:
    - Duplicate a <folder> so you have <folder-copy>
    - Then compare the two (identical) folders

    I attached a photo of my problem.

    Even more astonishing:
    Beside the change date, also the file size seems to change?!
    This would maybe make sense when comparing to a different filesystem, but this is on the same drive.

    Is there any solution for this, maybe by ignoring the filesize for the folder compare?
    Or that the folder compare really crawls through all files first like I do when comparing?
    I'm unfortunately not a very experienced BC4 user, it usually just "works" (why I love this program so much )

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    If the file timestamps and sizes are changing, then files are changing as they are copied. What kind of device is W:\?

    This is more common with FTP servers which alter the line ending characters (from Windows to Linux for example), which when you double click on files is an ignored difference (so the rules-based scan would then show the files as equal). Once you double click to view the files, the Rules-based scan results are used (center column between files), and by default this scan type does ignore specific changes (this is configurable).

    The first test I'd suggest is to create a small sample folder with 3-5 files on your Desktop\1\, then copy it to Desktop\2\ (C:\). What behavior does this show?

    Also, if you perform the copy on a single file in W:\ as a test using Explorer vs. BC4, do they both show the same behavior in altering the timestamp and size?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I was able to get the expected result by just using the Rules radio button.


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        Yes, a rules-based scan will ignore Line Ending characters by default, which can sometimes differ between local and remote sources (Windows vs Linux vs Mac line ending styles). If this is ok to ignore, then you can use the rules-based scan. We have a couple KB articles on the subject here:
        Aaron P Scooter Software