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Old key not applicable for newer version?

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  • Old key not applicable for newer version?

    I installed BC4 Version "4.1.9 (build 21719)". I entered the key and got registered. Now I see that there is a new version available. I downloaded and installed new version "Version 4.3.5 (build 24893)", it is now showing is as trial mode. So I clicked Help->Enter Key and input the same key I got for 4.1.9, but it is giving error and saying "This license key has been revoked: XXXX-XXXX For more detail contact...".
    Is the license we buy only for a particular version and not for subsequent updates?
    However the "How to Register" part of help file says:
    Your license key will work with all language versions of Beyond Compare 4, as well as all subsequent minor version updates.

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    This can occur if the registered key has been leaked to the internet. Please email into with your serial number, order email, or any other information we can search on for your original order. Sometimes, users will have a purchased key, but will have deployed a pirated key instead of the purchased key included in the order email, so having additional information to search our orders database to find the key you should be using would be helpful.
    Aaron P Scooter Software