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Feature Request: Edit multiple column types at once

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  • Feature Request: Edit multiple column types at once

    I have a large spreadsheet with over 400 columns. Editing column types individually is impractical. In the Session Settings ("referee" button), I would like to be able to highlight a chunk of columns and edit them all at once. i.e. I want the Edit ("gear") button and context menu enabled in the picture below:

    Click image for larger version

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    I recognize there may be conflicting settings when I first open the dialog, and I'd be fine with the dialog populating with the settings of the first highlighted column. When I apply the settings and close the dialog, it should update all the highlighted columns to match the configuration I selected.

    I realized Edit Default allows me to edit many columns at once, but it's not quite granular enough (i.e. it applies to everything not otherwise overridden, rather than just the highlighted columns).

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    Thanks, enhancing and expanding on our Table Compare is something we're looking into for a future release.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I have a similar feature request for the Table Compare. I'd like to be able to mark certain columns as Unimportant, and save the settings so they can be applied to different pairs of files.

      I have an application that creates a daily data listing in an Excel file, with a filename that includes the date. I often need to compare the listings from two different days. Like rkagerer, my spreadsheets have many columns. Each time I load a pair of spreadsheets into BC, I must edit the column settings all over again. I'd love to be able to save these settings in a session or a profile. Who knows, maybe there's a way to do this already?


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        If you set up a blank session with specific session settings, you can save it. Then load the blank session first (with columns already configured) and drag/drop your files into the Left/right panes. Sessions can be locked (Session menu -> Locked) to prevent editing after the initial setup.

        Or, if these are the same Unimportant columns every time, update them once then update the session defaults (from the Session Settings dropdown Use only for this view -> Also update session defaults; or directly on the Home screen, saved Sessions list, expand the New folder, Table session, and Edit defaults). Any new Table Compare would then use these new global defaults.
        Aaron P Scooter Software