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Features/Enhancements in Beyond Compare 5

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  • Features/Enhancements in Beyond Compare 5

    Before the first public beta for Beyond Compare 5 (and before you guys lock the feature set that you plan to implement), can we please have confirmation that the below items have been taken into account to be developed for Beyond Compare 5:
    • Compare foldername case. (
    • Word wrap for text compare. (I believe this has already been confirmed for BC5, but I'm including it here anyway)
    • Compare secured/protected PDFs.
    • Keep SFTP/FTP connections alive.
    • Multi-sheet Table Compare.

    These are the main things that come to mind right now -- maybe there are more later.

    Thank you.

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    As project manager, thank you for the list. Those are all enhancements I’d like to see us tackle, and we will consider them for v5.0.

    If you're asking if all of those will definitely be in v5 at launch, probably not, but it's possible. We have specific major features that have been planned for quite a while and their progress is dictating the release schedule. Once they're all done, we want to launch quickly. If there's time while we're waiting for something to be finished, we will work on additional enhancements, but we likely won't hold up the release for them.

    I will say, though, that in v5 we want to get back to rolling out more fixes/enhancements in minor releases. For v4 we've had to react to a lot of external requirements and pay down technical debt*, which has meant there's been less quality of life improvements. I'm hopeful we'll be able to do more of that deferred work once our current large projects are out of the way.

    * 64-bit, switching Linux compilers/frameworks, macOS's changing requirements, cloud providers discontinuing APIs, etc.
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      One more for the list, that's been requested quite a lot over the years:
      • Detection and matching of moved/renamed files.
      For this, perhaps there could be an option to automatically calculate hashes for orphan files, on both sides, when doing a folder compare/sync, and then highlight those files that are actually binary matches in some other colour (with a contextual option to move/rename them to match the other side). That's my idea -- perhaps there are other, better ways to accomplish it.
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        Can you also add "moved lines detection" to that list? IMHO, it's one of the biggest features missing in BeyondCompare. I'm excited to try out the public beta!


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          grindax and hevak, thank you for the suggestions. Detection of moved/renamed files and detection of moved lines are both on the list for future versions of BC.
          Chris K Scooter Software