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  • List of all keyboard shortcuts

    For how many years has this question been asked over and over again ?
    And no onecould be bothered to generate the list and post it even as a plain HTML page? Ever ??

    Telling people "got to tools, options, select" is not the answer. "explaining" how "it's context sensitive" amounts to spiting on the guy who asked and acting out like a smart ass.

    You have the buildable source of your own binary - right? So if your source files are any good the list or each mode (view, context, whatever) is in one file => copy, paste, edit, publish - it's not a rocket science. If it really so messed up that you can't catch heads and tails then spend some time to organize it.

    At worst, attach debugger, open that control in your options and extract it from there.

    Then check if it behaves normally with usual/expected/assumed windows combinations and document the diff.

    I came here because I saw weird behavior when diffing - Shift_PgDn was selecting only one "section" and then auto-copied to the left and started selecting the next section - so I thought maybe it is expected behavior but where would I find info if you keep hiding your keyboard mechanics like it's the secret of the universe ?

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    Assuming you are working in the Text Compare, PgDn should function similarly to other text editors and will move the cursor down a screen length. Adding Shift will then select that page of text. It shouldn't be stopping at a difference section yellow arrow marker or performing an auto-copy, and I'm not seeing that behavior on my own machine. It may be a combination of your OS, settings, or files, which I could replicate the issue if you can email into with
    - Your from the Help menu -> Support; Export
    - Your sample files
    - A screenshot showing before and after the command (with View -> Line Numbers enabled)
    - a link back to this forum thread for our reference

    One tip: the yellow section arrows are replaced with a blue selection arrow as soon as any selection is drawn, dragged, or shift+navigation, so the gutter would show the selection as the copy option once it is made (but in blue instead of yellow).

    One quick test: if you back up all of your current settings (Tools menu -> Export, select and save everything), then use the Tools menu -> Restore Factory Defaults, Toolbars/shortcuts/menus, does the behavior continue to reproduce?

    As for our documentation, it is something we've slowly improved over the years. BC3 required users to launch into specific viewers and windows before being able to access their command list, while BC4 added them all to a central location in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Toolbars/Etc tab with the Select View dropdown to control the context like a chapter selector and a search box for command names. It also prompts a warning if a hotkey is already assigned and to what other commands. It's true that our Help file does not expose the full list of hotkeys, which differ based on the OS and would immediately diverge if the user (or their IT dept) had performed any customization, which is why we emphasize and prioritize the built-in view when running into any issues.
    There are a couple of hard coded, legacy commands not included, such as Folder Compare's Shift+arrow selection works like other File Explorer's vertically, but also supports a horizontal slide that isn't as discoverable or customizable as it could be, and that's something we'd like to update and work on.
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