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  • How Save the Comparison report


    I'm a new user for BC4, Can anyone guide me how to save the comparison report after compare two CSV files.


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    Sure thing. Assuming you are actively in the Table Compare session and viewing your files/differences, you can generate a Report using the Table Compare's Session menu -> Table Compare Report. There are a variety of layout and display options, and you can then output as HTML, plain text, or to a Printer (Print as PDF available if set up on your computer).

    There are a few other reporting options if needed, as well as generating a file listing report from a parent Folder Compare session (which can optionally include file links in the Layout:Side by Side, HTML output), or via a selection of files, right-clicking the selection of multiple files, and generating a File Compare Report for file content (similar to the above Table Compare Report, but for multiple selected files instead of a single pair).
    Aaron P Scooter Software