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Ignore duplicate files in flatten view

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  • Ignore duplicate files in flatten view

    There's one feature that would be super handy, but I haven't figured out if it's possible. When I'm comparing a source and destination in Flattened view (Ignore Folder Structure), it would be amazing if there was an option to ignore or hide any exact duplicate files that exist on each respective side.

    For example, I have a source that contains a lot of messy, duplicate data, but I want to make sure at least one copy of everything is on the destination. It hinders my ability to do so when I see five of the same file over and over.

    Is that possible and I'm just missing it?

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    Not exactly. Does the destination have a match or is that unknown? You could set to only Show Orphans, which would show only the duplicates that don't exist, and you could select to copy only one. However, if one had already been copied, that one would already not be an Orphan, so it assumes a fresh/empty destination. Otherwise, this is not supported in BC4, which assumes you have only unique names in any subfolder for the flatten view (as it must align by file name first before issuing any kind of scan) and does not handle duplicate names on the same side (or allow collapsing them).
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