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  • Specific File Format Comparisons

    Hi Support Team,

    I wrote a specific program to compare firebird database files. For this to work I registered it a an external converter program for 'text format'. (I've the german program version so I probably miss the correct translations to the original english menu items...).

    Now it is called any time I compare two directories containing *.fb files. But this will considerably slow down the comparison, because such database files may be very huge and thus takes some time. And the comparison is not always desired (mostly file age / time might be enough).

    So I decided to swith to 'external format'. Here I have the option to distinguish between 'quick compare' and 'compare view' ('quick merge' and 'merge view' are not required / possible, so I ignore them). A 'quick compare' just compares file size and age and returns 0 if they are equal. 'compare view' compares database contents (performs some SQL queries). But there is no option to provide the user with the info WHAT is different - I can just return 0 or 1.

    Now I'd like to have this 'quick compare' and "detailed" ('compare view') difference available in the 'text format', because it provides me with the possibility to show the differences via two text files.

    Is there an option to achieve this? If not, would you mind to consider this a new feature in a future version?

    Best regards

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    First, for the conversion utility use, if the timestamp/size is enough, you could disable the rules-based scanning in the Folder Compare. This would compare all aligned files by just the configured criteria. Or you can use the file name filters to remove any *.fb files from the rules-based folder compare session, and have a separate session to compare just *.fb files.

    The External Format is designed to be used as a Viewer replacement (instead of a Text Compare, it launches and uses this new External program). The program can then be used when BC4 is called in different ways, such as if bcompare.exe /quickcompare file1.fb file2.fb is used from the command line, then the "quick compare" definition in the External Format and parameters it needs is what is used; and it needs to be designed to return BC4 compatible return codes. Since quick compare is designed to be a command line, there is no "what" is different, but just the status, similar to using the internal quickcompare (crc, binary, or rules-based). While it's possible for the quick compare rules-based scan external format to return a different status than the viewer, I wouldn't recommend this configuration as it is counter to how the rest of the formats match.

    Does configuring the session to compare only timestamp/size and filters work for you? Please also note that you can start with this quick scan, and run a rules-based scan on a subset of data (not .fb files for example) by selecting those files, and using the right-click -> Compare Contents command.
    Aaron P Scooter Software