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  • Sync PC and laptop using network

    Before investigating and trying further: is it possible to sync desktop PC and laptop when they are using shared folders (i.e. over a network)?


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    If you can access the desktop PC and Laptop from the same physical machine in your file explorer, then BC4 should be able to see the devices, too.

    Assuming a scenario where you are on your Desktop with an install of BC4, that folder would be a local drive (C:\Target\), while the laptop would need to be configured to have a shared network folder (samba) that the Desktop can read/write.

    BC4 can then help align items side by side between these two target folders (C:\Target vs. \\laptopname\sharedfolder\), aligning by folder structure and file name, and then you can copy between them.

    I would suggest testing with two simple test folders on your local Desktop to see how our interface aligns folders and files and compares changes between them. If this works well for you, you can then look into defining the network share (which, is external to BC4, but necessary for the computers to see each other).

    Our trial is fully featured for testing before any purchase is necessary. Please note we do not have an Undo command, so any tests (copy, deletes, overwrites) etc cannot be undone, so test with test files first while learning the software.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      First of all my apologies for the late reply. There were some other matters that required attention.
      Thank you very much for your elaborate reply.
      I've spent many (I mean, many) hours on trying to get this sharedfolder thing to work, following various tutorials on Internet, but could not get it working. Not in a stable way that is. So, in the end, I dropped that idea. At times I -thought- I've got matters working, PC and laptop 'detecting' each other, then the connection dropped for unknown reason.

      Bottom line I will need to resort to the old-fashioned way: using an external USB drive to copy to and from.
      In the end, I found the combo SyncBackPro (installed on desktop) + SyncBack Touch (a service installed on laptop) using WiFi to sync (or backup or mirror) folders from desktop to laptop.

      Maybe one day there will be a Beyond Compare version that will do the same...?

      Keep up the good work!


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        If you want to investigate, we do have a guide for using Beyond Compare with a USB device to sync back and forth, here:

        BC4 is capable of using different protocols for connection/comparison. While Windows Networking is one method of local network traffic, built in to the host OS, you could look into other methods such as hosting an internal SFTP server. Troubleshooting a network can be tricky, but reducing the complexity or trying on newer equipment when you eventually replace older gear can sometimes yield different results. I wouldn't recommend buying new gear to specifically fix this issue, but something to keep in mind down the road. Depending on the strength of your network, the USB device method may even be faster.
        Aaron P Scooter Software