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Identical files considered different by size but it is not.

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  • Identical files considered different by size but it is not.

    I have a weird situation that I failed to understand or explain to myself.
    I have a common library used in two different projects. This file is built using Visual Studio from the same source folder and then deployed to the respective project directory for deploying. Of course I expect the two files to be identical a part from the build date and at first glance they are. However, today I tested the two deploy directories with BC and those two files are listed as different. No concern I thought because the date are obviously slightly different. Instead using the Version Info tool to compare the two file they are listed as having a different size, but they are not as you can see from the screen capture.
    Could you tell me what is the problem here? (The code works without problem, so it is more a curiosity than a real concern) Thanks,
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    The Code/Data block is shown as red even though the byte counts are the same because there are binary differences in the file. You can see where they are by comparing them in the hex compare. If it’s just at the start/end it’s probably a difference in the code signature. If you want to see more details, you can also go into Options > Archives and add *.dll to the association for “Portable Executable” and compare them in the folder compare which will split it out into segments and resources.
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      That's the case. Just at the beginning and at the end of the file there are some bytes different. Thank you