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Folder Compare - different names and same content

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  • Folder Compare - different names and same content

    I have created two folders and copied into it same file but with different name - "a.mp4" and "b.mp4"
    In options I have checked option to copmpare CRC.
    Nevertheless Beyond Compare shosw them as different files thow they are the same actually.
    Is there something I have done wrong?
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    BC4's alignment occurs on folder structure and file name first, and the aligned pairs are then compared with the configured criteria (crc, etc). Since the file has been renamed, it won't be aligned, so it will show as two different 'orphan' files.

    You can select one file, right click, Align With, and then target the other file to manually align the pair.

    BC4 Pro does support Alignment Overrides, where you can define a rule to align files of a specific type of name change, In the Folder Compare Session Settings, Misc tab, you can define a new Alignment Override, such as:
    a.mp4 = b.mp4
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Well, my task is to find orphan files even if they have changed their names. They are thousands of such files, so it is impossible to check them all manually. Thanks for the answer!


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        Sorry, BC4 can show them as Orphans to help find the list, but does not currently support aligning by different criteria.
        Aaron P Scooter Software