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  • filter combobox width

    For my usecases, the width of the drop down of the filter combo box is way too small.
    I know it can be a pain to make it wider and it might make it uglier and maybe it's better to just display tooltips for the hovered list items but at the moment, i cannot use it efficiently since the parts which would distinguish the individual filters are clipped. And there's no way to use shorter filters for me :/

    I'm aware of opposite demands like but there should be a solution for both demands.

    Once a filter is selected there are indeed several possibilities, like
    - there's a tooltip for the item displayed in the edit box
    - the Name Filter tab of the Session settings can be used to investigate
    - the visible portion of the filter string can be altered by moving the cursor around in the edit box of the combo box
    but they are all too late because a filter need to be selected first for them to be usable.

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    How long would you want it to be, and are you using named filters or typing in long ones manually? If the latter, would continuing to show the name after we've loaded it into the edit be sufficient?
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      Hi ZoŽ
      Unfortunately they even could exceed the width of one screen in some cases. I am forced to type, or say evolve, them manually ad hoc based on various use cases (the combinations are just too many) so i cannot use named filters, at least not exclusively.

      Showing the name after the filter is loaded in the edit box would be too late because my problem is to select the right filter from the list. After it's selected and it's the right one, i do not need to see it anymore in full because by then i know which filter is active.


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        Would something like exposing the MRU list in the Session Settings dialog help, so as you select different items you could then scroll around and see the full lists before applying?

        Would then potentially Naming them as presets within that session help?

        (This wouldn't be a small feature change, but it would help us add it as an item to our Customer Wishlist).
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Aaron
          I think i can see where you'd be going with this.

          For some cases it would, but most of our use cases involve a big ad hoc part.
          I'm mostly using BC to implement and execute tests for a >30 years old SW with *a lot* of technical debt. There are many dozens of different file formats, each with it's own history and to investigate the impact of particular changes i often have to recalculate all of our regression test projects and then filter step by step files and directories and often also adapt file formats on the fly to find those needles in the haystack.
          Some problems are obvious and don't need sophisticated filtering, basically even with a few and no specific file formats it's already clear where the problem could come from but most often all of this is needed to narrow down the defect characteristics.
          So most often i see myself creating filters ad hoc because i know almost all the file- and directory name patterns for a particular case and because i cannot quickly find a close match in the MRU i then decide case wise whether there's a chance and it's worth trying my luck to find one in the 10 most recent ones where i check the tooltip of each after it's been selected or just (re)create it from scratch.

          For these uses i don't use sessions.What would probably make me use them is when they'd store the current state of comparison, e.g. the calculated result of all the rule based comparisons because that can easily take half an hour on a fast ssd to recreate when resuming work the other day. And when they'd support filter instances. Atm i just keep the PC up as long as i can; until some IT guy thinks forcing a reboot is a good idea. But those are other stories


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            What would help the MRU list be more usable in this scenario? It sounds like you want to add titles (similar to the global lists) but those titles would have to be editable and reviewable somewhere in the interface. Using the Session Settings dialog (which populates the Name Filters tab with the Filters toolbar, and vice versa) could allow this kind of interface. Or is there another workflow that would work better?
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Hi Aaron
              Sorry, maybe i used the wrong terminology.
              Basically, i got a filter list with very long entries where the differences are hidden because the width of the combo box drop down list is not wide enough and i would like to use only that list to select unnamed filters (which, if i understand right, are added ad hoc whenever something is edited in the combo box edit box) to avoid having to open and close too many windows.
              I'm not sure what would be the best solution; there are cases where it's too long even for the tooltip when a filter is hundreds of chars long. Such cases could be detected and wrapped in multiple lines but that would create new problems. Atm mine are fortunately not that long and a dynamic width grow of the list would be enough for me (or a tooltip for the list entries), but i could imagine that others might have even wider entries.

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                The combo box itself wouldn't easily be able to resize or show any size filter or provide editable name area and controls. The Filters toolbar button immediately next to the dropdown launches the Session Settings, Name Filters tab, which could provide some of these tools and larger viewable areas. One of our ideas on our Customer Wishlist expands on this tab's tools, so it could add titles to the MRU entries (which then would be accessible from the dropdown), as well as itself allow loading the MRU items. Currently, it only shows the current filter, so it wouldn't be useful for determining which to select at this time.
                Aaron P Scooter Software