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  • Default Filter keeps being populated


    have about 2000 folders that each contain many files in 2 different locations. I am trying to merge the first to the second. The vast majority of files are the same with the exception of timestamps, but, I'm finding this to be harder than I thought. I haven't used Beyond Compare for several years and think I must be doing something wrong.

    I've got one folder on the left and the other on the right. The config is as follows:

    Click image for larger version

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    However, despite having show all files on and show all folders on, it appears to not show files within folders that are the same, but instead just the folder name alongside the size of the folder.

    I think the main reason for this is that there is a very large filter applied which I never set, nor visible on any of the filter pages. If I press the peek button (next to the filters), it appears to get to a view that I would expect.

    Is there a reason that the filter gets automatically populated when I enter folder compare mode?

    ... Or can anyone advise a better way to merge folders?

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    By default, new/blank Folder Compare sessions would only have a single *.* filter, but if "Use for this view only" was ever updated to "also update session defaults", then any future new folder compare would also get those filters.

    I would suggest clearing any entries in the Name Filters tab for any existing session you are using, and then also go to the Home screen, in the saved Sessions list, expand the New folder, select Folder Compare, and Edit Defaults. Here you can go to the Name Filters tab and also delete any entries (which, once cleared, will populate with *.* and * in the Include File Names and Include Folder Names respectively). Click ok and Save the new defaults for any future folder comparisons to use these settings.
    Aaron P Scooter Software