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Move files to the selected folder on the other side

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  • Move files to the selected folder on the other side

    Very often when comparing two directories with the goal of organizing the files into one of the directories. I want to move files from one side to a certain subdirectory on the other side. How can I do this easily?

    Drag&drop doesn't work.
    "Move to Folder" defaults to the last location, not to the selected subdirectory.
    Haven't found cut/paste context menu actions.
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    Copy and Paste are found under the Explorer submenu, which exposes the Windows Explorer context menu in full. You may need to quick Refresh to see the Paste.

    Move to Folder does default the path to the last used by that dialog. It's on our wishlist to expand on this information. In the meantime, if you select the destination folder first, right-click, and Copy Filename, this will put the path to that item on your clipboard (test by pasting into Notepad).
    You can then use the Move to Folder dialog and Paste the path into the dialog.
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