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  • BC Profile feature request

    I'm a long time user of BC, and would like to see a feature added:
    In the Profile screen, when right-clicking on a profile, add a "Save As..." function to clone an existing profile? Just like in the Sessions overview.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. We do have an on-screen Save As button that is visible as soon as you select the profile, with a keyboard hotkey of Alt+A. This is active regardless of if the profile has been edited or not (which locks the selection side, to prevent alteration of the tree while also altering the session). How does this work for you?

    I can also add your idea for the context menu item to our customer wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      I was not aware of this function as I usually create a new profile in the "Browse Using Profile" window, there that function is missing.
      For now I can use the "Profiles" window, to add a bulk of profiles. Maybe you can add the right-click function in the "Browse Using Profile" window?


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        Or, Maybe you can also show an "Save As..." button when editing the profile in the "Browse Using Profile" window?