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what does the key means in Statistics Plain text report?

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  • what does the key means in Statistics Plain text report?

    hi, while I use BC4 export the Compare Report,I choose the Statistics Plain text report, but what does this keys mean?
    IOriginal,IAdded,IDeleted,IChanged,UOriginal,UAdde d,UDeleted,UChanged,SourceError,CompareError,Error
    I can't find a document to explain it, can someone told me about this ?
    thx very much

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    No problem. The I is for Important and the U is for Unimportant for each status. Here's a description of the terms from the statistics report:

    SourceFile - file on the left side of the comparison, considered the older file.
    CompareFile - right side file, considered the newer file.
    IOriginal - total number of important lines in left file.
    IAdded - important right orphan lines.
    IDeleted - important left orphan lines
    IChanged - important different lines
    The U lines are the same as above, just for lines of text that are unimportant.

    An example of important is a line with source code differences, an unimportant lines would be a line containing comments (with default Session Settings).
    Aaron P Scooter Software