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    Greetings for the Day!!

    We need an urgent help from the Beyond Compare Team on the following Problem Statement.

    " Ability to Compare 2Large Volume XML/ TXT files and generate the Compare Report in the least possible time. "

    We are using "Beyond Compare 4 -64 Bit Edition Version 4.3.3." and Windows Machine having 128 GB of RAM and 12 Core Processors. We are running the batch Scripts to generate the Reports for all the Use cases .

    We have the below Observation from the Comparison of various File having different File Sizes. Please find the below.


    File-1 Size File-2 Size Report Type Elapsed Time
    196 Mb 192 Mb Summary Report 12 min
    196 Mb 192 Mb Mismatch 11 min
    196 Mb 192 Mb All 12 min
    File-1 Size File-2 Size Report Type Elapsed Time
    389 Mb 389 Mb Summary Report 19 min
    389 Mb 389 Mb Mismatch 19 min
    389 Mb 389 Mb All 19 min
    File-1 Size File-2 Size Report Type Elapsed Time
    778.9 Mb 853.6 Mb Summary Report 36 min
    778.9 Mb 853.6 Mb Mismatch 36 min
    778.9 Mb 853.6 Mb All 36 min
    We are expecting File size to Grow in the coming Days and may go upto 1 or 2 GB. Keeping in this mind we need to optimize the Comparison time significantly for Files of less size.

    Does changing the Execution Platform from Windows to Linux /Unix will Help optimize the Execution Time? What is the MAX File Size supported by BC4 with the current installation.

    Please look into this at the earliest.

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    With so much RAM, what happens if You put files in a RAM disk?


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      If you could follow up with the exact script syntax you are using for each report type? On my own, significantly less powerful machine, I can generate a Text-report, side-by-side, show all, on 500meg files (resulting in a 1gb report) in about 14 minutes.

      I would not expect switching platforms to improve performance. Script mode is not a terminal mode, so it is not lighter weight than running the interface. It still requires X-Windows on Linux, much like booting the program normally.

      If you have anti-virus, have you excluded the bcompare.exe process from it? This can drastically effect performance, depending on your security solution.

      If you need to email us privately, you can do so at Please also include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Sent an email with the details. Please reply.

        We have sent the details in email. Please respond at the earliest.
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