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'Leave Alone' choices are discarded with no warning

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  • 'Leave Alone' choices are discarded with no warning

    Several times when doing a Folder Sync, I've been caught out by something Beyond Compare does which leads to a very undesirable result.

    Basically, what's happened each time is that I've carefully gone through the list of files/folders in the Folder Sync, choosing 'Leave Alone' on certain items I definitely don't want to be copied from one side to another. I've then made some minor change to the Rules, not realising that Beyond Compare has silently gone ahead and discarded all my previous choices concerning 'Leave Alone'. Then, when I choose 'Sync Now', all the stuff I'd previously chosen to 'Leave Alone' actually gets copied.

    That silent reset of all my choices is a killer.

    At the very least, there should be a warning when closing the Rules dialog telling me that all my custom choices are about to be discarded. Also when clicking the 'Operations' dropdown. Basically, any time all my choices I've made about how to process each file/folder are about to be reset, there should be a bold warning.

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    Thanks for the feedback. The current behavior is that committing the Session Settings applies those settings, and this includes comparison scans or the sync logic. The Leave Alone status is not savable and is reset if another command interacts with it. A Full Refresh will also reset any Leave Alone markings. Adding a warning is something we can look into, but in the meantime, you should use Leave Alone last, after configuring or refreshing any part of the sync.
    Aaron P Scooter Software