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How to compare one big file with a .RAR compressed file splitted into several DVDs?

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  • How to compare one big file with a .RAR compressed file splitted into several DVDs?

    I have one big file (20GB) that I must backup on DVD(s).
    It is too big to be put on one single DVD, even if I try to compress it.
    So, with WinRAR I have compressed it setting a split size of 4GB.
    In this way, I have created a set of three files, with names such as: "FILE.part1.rar"; "FILE.part2.rar"; and "FILE.part3.rar".
    And then I have put each file in a single DVD.
    Now, before putting away these DVDs in a safe, I would like to check if they are ok.
    Is it possible to use B.C.4 to compare these three DVDs to the original file?
    Or I must first copy the three .RAR files to one single folder and then I can do the comparison?
    Which file I must choose for the comparison?
    The first one or the last one?

    Thank You and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    If you have the original .rar files still on the hdd, you could load each dvd individually and perform a binary compare of each individual rar pair. This would uncompress them, but would tell you if they were exact copies. If you need to uncompress the rars to see inside them, you'd want to recopy from the dvd to a local temp folder to test them (probably using WinRar itself to Test, and BC4 if you need to binary compare the interior content. You can expand the first archive as a folder, and the other rars in the same folder will allow that item to expand and show the content within.

    I'm sure you are aware, but burned dvd media has a life span where it will begin to degrade. It sounds like you've done a lot of work creating this archive. It might be a good idea to throw your rars onto a usb flash drive or other harddrive to throw in the safe as well, to have a couple different methods of backup.
    Aaron P Scooter Software