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  • Suggestion: Task Queue


    if you open a folder compare session and select something to copy/move, you get the green progress bar at the bottom. If you select something else in the same session and start another copy/move process, you get a second progress bar and so forth. All tasks are processed at the same time.

    In many cases I have to process the tasks successively though for different reasons. So it would be great if I could send such tasks to a queue which is processed item by item until itīs finished. Else I always need to wait until one process is finished (which can take minutes or even hours) and manually start the next one.

    Same applies to the folder sync session, by the way. I normally run 4 sessions in parallel which sync files from different places to the same hard drive. Currently I start all sessions at the same time because there is just read access to the target drive during comparing (so the 4 processes donīt thwart each other too much. But now I need to wait until all 4 compare processes are finished before I hit the "Sync Now" button. And then I need to wait again becuase I donīt want to sync all 4 at the same time.

    Other use cases are network speed or file order related. ut itīs always the same: A queue would help a lot, especially if it would be possible to pause/restart/cancel each single item on demand or to change the order for items which have not been processed yet.

    Any chance to get something like that? Having one queue for one session would be a good starting point. Having a global x-session and x-session type queue would be the full solution which may even make the HMI part easier because it would be separate by nature.

    Best regards,

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    Oops, sorry. Just found that there were such suggestions already. I had misspelled the word in the search field and did not find anything for that reason.

    So I read that such is on the list, thanks.

    I now found that this request is at least over 9 years old. 2011, 2013, 2018, 2019 ... and always the answer was "yes, itīs on the wish list". This makes me a bit doubtful now ...
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      Thanks for the feedback. And yes, enhancing our queue support in the Folder Compare is something that has been on our wishlist for awhile. We've added multiple transfer bars and pausing since then, but adding serial operation management is still on our radar.
      Aaron P Scooter Software