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How to refresh just 1 folder in a large session?

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  • How to refresh just 1 folder in a large session?

    I have a session that compares two 300 GB disks. One of them is on a LAN. The full compare takes several minutes to complete. As I am working to resolve differences, I may make changes to individual folders on one of the disks or the other. Is there a way that I can get BC to refresh or update the compare for just that one folder without having to redo the entire compare?

    I tried Fast Refresh (F5), but it takes about as long as a Full Refresh (Ctrl+F5).

    I also tried right-clicking the =? Compare contents. That didn't seem to do anything.

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    After a bit more fiddling around, I discovered the Compare To option. If I select a folder & press F7, I get a cursor with a "?". If I then click the folder in the other panel, I get a new tab that compares just those folders. And when I close that tab, the main tab has also been updated. Perfect.

    Well, almost perfect. I then tried selecting both folders and then pressing F7. Nada. It seems to me that F7 should do the Compare To operation if multiple folders are already selected. I can select both sides by clicking in the center column, which would make it a simple operation to click and press F7.
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      The Actions menu and right click context menu have a “Refresh Selection” command.
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