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Feedback: Session Settings - Table Compare dialog

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  • Feedback: Session Settings - Table Compare dialog

    Been using BeyondCompare since v3... I believe in v3, in the following dialog - users were able to adjust the width of the columns. Because in v4.3.4 (shown below) - I can not adjust the column widths:
    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see, the text is getting truncated so as a user - for the information I have, I can't distinguish between columns without going back & forth between this dialog and the comparison dialog.

    While I'm here, about this dialog:
    1. Why is the column ordinal reprinted, as part of the text for each column?
    2. I wish it were easier to change/set the key column(s) while on this dialog. I found that it is possible using the gear icon (lower left), but it's per column and there are times when I need to set more than one key column...
    3. A handy feature would be to show gaps where the column names don't match up, rather than current approach to just list columns

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    I just checked BC 3.3.13, it wasn't possible to change the column width in that version. I'll add changing column width to the feature request list.

    1. Ordinals are printed to help keep track of the original column if you change column order. As an example, if column order is changed between the left and right file, you can rearrange columns using the up and down arrows in the Columns dialog from your screen shot.

    2. We'll add changing column type without double clicking to the feature request list.

    3. Detecting inserted or deleted columns is on the feature request list. To handle inserted or deleted columns in the current version, scroll down to a blank column, then use the up arrow to move it up into alignment with an inserted or deleted column.
    Chris K Scooter Software