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    Ok lets see if I can explain this properly....

    I have a registered pro version of BC 4.

    I have a hard drive out of a computer running Windows, I changed the permissions on that hard drive so that I can access all the files and folders with no restrictions (I took full ownership of the complete hard drive). I hook this hard drive up to another windows computer, load that hard drive up in the left pane of BC, in the right pane I load up an external hard drive to backup / copy the data to. So basically I want to back up every single file off the old windows hard drive to an external hard drive. I have NOT checked off follow symlinks in the settings. After i everything was copied from the old Windows hard drive , I see that BC also pulled (as it followed the symlinks from the old hard drive) and copied the the user profiles etc from the working Windows computer.

    So Example.

    Old hard drive had Bob and Joe as users in the Users folder, the computer that BC is installed on has users named Tim and Bill. When I look on the external hard drive in D:\Users folder, I see the users Bob and Joe, as well as Tim and Bill. It is the same with any symlink, like the one with all users that points to c:\ProgramData. I see all the Data From the C: drive from the All Users Folder on the External hard Drive in the All Users Folder. How do I stop BC from copying the data from the working C Drive to the External hard drive?


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    Symbolic links are soft links, and the Follow Symbolic link, when disabled, shows them with a small shortcut-like arrow and does not load their contents.

    A Hardlink is always followed, and BC4 doesn't currently support differentiating them. If you navigate into that folder with Windows Explorer, which Users are reflected?
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