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How to know when a folder compare is done? (if you are not looking at it)

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  • How to know when a folder compare is done? (if you are not looking at it)

    Is there any options in the logging section of Beyond Compare to know when a folder comparison is complete? I noticed that seemingly does not get logged as far as I can tell. When you actually do some form of synchronization after the folder compare is complete, that synchronization process gets logged. But I want to know, for benchmarking purposes, how long a folder comparison takes from start to finish. (without having to star at it with a stopwatch) Is that possible?

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    Thanks for the feedback. If there were a background content, this would be logged on completion, but BC4's initial load uses the blinking cancel button to indicate if it is still loading. Given how different Handling setting combinations can work, some folders may remain unscanned until expanded, but enhancing the logging to add a timestamp for the initial load command is on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      You may use a script called inside a batch file.
      So You have something such as "echo. | time > logfile.txt" and then call B.C. specifying the script and at the end again "echo. | time >> logfile.txt".
      You have to check if a script can do what You need.


      Rodolfo Giovanninetti