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  • Beyond compare feature inquiry

    Hi team,

    Good day! I would like to seek your inputs about the inquiry below.

    What is needed: As part of the project, we need to compare 500 PDF files located in 1 server to 500 PDF files located in FTP. We need to prove that those 500 files are exactly the same (maybe except header which describes date when file was generated). Is it possible in Beyond Compare?


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    I believe you just sent in an email, too, which I replied to.

    The quick summary is that a Folder Compare can align the two locations side by side, and align by folder structure and file name. The aligned pairs can then be compared. The default scan is timestamp/size, but you can add a binary content scan in the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab to determine if the files are exact copies (not including system metadata like Last Modified Timestamp). Internal metadata that Adobe inserts would be part of the binary file scan. A rules-based scan can be used to compare the visible, readable text of the file, and does not include any internal headers or other information (pictures, etc) in the pdf. It is the same as double clicking and viewing the file in the Text Compare file viewer. Either scan can then scan all of the files in the Folder Compare, return the content results to the center column, and overall allow the Display Filters to then filter/show the file comparison information.
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