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  • copy empty files and folders

    After copying a large number folders and files from one HD to another, I checked them with Beyond Compare and find that BC does not see empty files and folders from the original set. I want to keep these because many are titles or other descriptive folders. So I have to copy them individually right to left or left to right. Is there any way to have BC recognize and handle empty files and folders? Many thanks!

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    BC4 does show empty files, and by default shows empty folders but they could be excluded with a View mode.

    Is your View menu set to Only Show Files, or Compare Files and Folder Structure or Always Show Folders? The later two should help include empty folders in the sync process and show up in the Sync preview window.

    Empty files should already be included, unless there was a filter in place to exclude them based on size or another criteria?

    Which version of BC are you currently running, and which Session type were you using, and which command (copy or sync update or sync mirror) did you use for the transfer? Could you post a full screen screenshot of the sync preview window and show some of the excluded items in the background/main pane?

    You can post here or email to along with a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Aaron, Many thanks! I'm sure this will solve the problem. Unfortunately for demonstration purposes, I painstakingly corrected all of the problem I had and can't find any discrepancies in folders I am currently checking. I have made the changes you suggested and I feel confident this will do the trick. If I have the issue again, I will post the screenshot.
      Very grateful