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Filters with Files containing Text not matching comments

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  • Filters with Files containing Text not matching comments

    I've set up a Folder filter that compares files only if they contain a string pattern in a comment section IE
    /* MyCompany 2016 */
    But BC4 does not match these files if the string is in a comment section. I've tried removing the Comment rule from the File Formats rules but it has no effect. Is the Folder filter not configuratable from the File Format menu?

    Is there another menu or option I need to activate to allow the Folder filter to check within comments?


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    The File Format's grammar should not impact the Folder Compare's Session Settings, Other Filters, Exclude Containing or Exclude Not Containing filter. I would suggest double checking if Regular Expression is enabled or if you are Excluding containing or not containing.

    Could we get a copy of your current and a sample folder (.zip) containing a sample file? You can load the .zip on your own machine as a folder to verify it reproduces the problem, then email both to with a link back to this forum thread for our reference and we can reproduce the issue and figure out what setting combination is causing the problem.
    Aaron P Scooter Software