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Ignore first line in csv table compare

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  • Ignore first line in csv table compare

    I have been reading and trying to find how to ignore the first line of a csv. I cannot find anything other than for text files.

    What I have is a csv with the first line being a string of the file generation date. Line2 is my column header line and data starts on line 3.

    Anyone who knows how to solve this to get the headers to load appropriately is my hero.

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    Give how the Table Compare works, Line 1 can be either a Header or Data, but not removed as an option. Instead, create a custom script/program to trim the first line out of the file, and then Line 2 becomes Line 1 and can be marked as the Header.

    We have an example KB article (using RESX sorting as the example), but the Table Compare Format can also have a custom Conversion utility:
    Aaron P Scooter Software