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Feature request - "File Compare Report" accessibility

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  • Feature request - "File Compare Report" accessibility

    Currently the "File Compare Report" context menu item (right click on file in diff view) works as expected if multiple files are selected but is NOT available if a folder is selected so quickly generating a file-comparison report across all diffs for example is a pain because you need to ctrl-select each file rather than just hitting CTRL-a. The workaround for this is to select "View/Ignore folder structure" which hides the folder names so _only_ filenames are shown but it seems a bit clunky to have to do this.

    Other improvement ideas in this area...

    * Right click on a folder should offer a file-comparison report of files in that folder
    * Make it possible to generate a file-comparison report and view it in the browser with a single key-press. This is a useful operation when I'm committing a small set of changes across a few files and just want to see them all in one place. Maybe this is already possible with scripting? (TBF I could just use "git diff" here instead of "git difftool --dir-diff" but I prefer BeyondCompare to the unified diff output.)

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    Enabling File Compare Report when folders are selected is on the todo list for a future version of Beyond Compare. The best workaround for the current version is to use Edit > Select All Files (Shift + Control + A) instead of Select All before using the File Compare Report command.

    Updating File Compare Report so it can operate on folders is on the todo list for a future version of Beyond Compare.

    I'll add a shortcut to launch a File Compare Report in a browser to the feature request list for a future version of BC.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris - look forward to the update...