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  • Share a session or workspace with others

    I would like to be able to save a session to a local file, so I can share the link or file with others.
    I want to share the required document formats and other settings.
    There does not appear to be any easy way of doing this.
    Any suggestions?

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    It's a little tricky since, depending on the Session, you may need to include the required File Formats, and the settings do not bundle the files themselves either. The combination would be to use the Tools menu -> Export menu, and export the Session and the required File Formats the user would need. When they import, if they have existing File Formats, they would be overwritten; they could prevent this by renaming theirs first, or you renaming yours before the export. Workspaces are part of the Preferences, so that would include all of the Options dialog settings as well (pulling this out into a separate concept is something on our wishlist).

    If you would like to share the results of a comparison, the easier method would be to generate a Report. There are different report layouts, and you can generate a report that is a list of the file names (with optional links into the file reports), or a report that is the file content of a selection of files. From a Folder Compare, first issue an Expand All command to show all items, then you can use the Session menu -> Folder Compare Report, with various options.
    If you want to generate a report for the different text in files, perform a Rules-based scan and set the display filters to Show Differences (leaving only files with different text), Expand All and Select All Files (selecting only files with different text), and then use the Actions menu -> File Compare Report for a single report file with the different text content of the files.

    There are a few other report scenarios, but these are the most common; do either work well for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software