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  • Questions on Beyond Compare's merge tool

    I am using beyond compare with git to deal with merge issue. I find it much harder to use than ClearCase's merge tool. I have hundreds of source files that are quite large. Some even several megabytes. Resolving them with ClearMerge is generally pretty easy (take 2 then 3, take 3 then 2). But with Beyond Compare's merge tool, it is often a nightmare.

    1. Beyond compare seems to provide a "resolved" version in the bottom panel,. Is there anyway not to have it and just have an insertion marker instead? This is because when I have a large difference spanning several screens, it is actually extremely difficult to actually see the difference. This is compounded by the fact that BC's alignment algorithm often have things like the following mismatched to the wrong place.

      return 0;
    Or is it due to git? I basically did

    git merge tag-name
    git mergetool

    with default configs.

    2. Is there a next / previous unresolved merge? I could not seem to find a button for this purpose. I sometimes resolve things not in sequential order, because some parts are easier than others.
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    1. It isn't possible to display insertion markers. However, you can turn on View > Detached Output Pane (or click the button on the top right side of the output pane), then maximize the window to show output with more vertical space.

    For alignment issues, it might help to try an alternate alignment algorithm. In the Text Merge, click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon). Go to the Alignment tab. Try Patience Diff alignment. To make it the default for all Text Merge sessions, change the dropdown at the bottom of the dialog from Use for this view only to Also update session defaults before you click OK.

    2. You can cycle conflicts. Use the Next Conflict or Previous Conflict buttons on the toolbar or the same commands on the Search menu to cycle through conflicts. After you've resolved a conflict, click the red ! in the gutter to mark a conflict resolved.
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      Thanks. I will try the tips given.

      Happy new year.