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Feature Request - Rename file "as easy as Touch feature"

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  • Feature Request - Rename file "as easy as Touch feature"

    To be able to put a name in a panel with the same name of the other panel, instead of "Rename" "Copy", select file, "Rename", "paste", would it be great to select both and add option "Name" in the Touch Feature.
    Helps me a lot as a trick to "armonize" files on panels.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Enhancing Rename with touch-like functionality is something on our wishlist, and I'll add your notes to our entry on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      *Extra* Give a WoW experience if
      a) the dialogue box would also warn the user, that the new name might exceed 255 characters. Some operations might happen, but would lead to unexpected behaviour within Windows.
      b) before commiting the name change, it would offer to do a "quick content CRC comparison", to help the user to make mistakes with file selection.

      Thank you very much!
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