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Line numbers include wrapped lines, but do not show true line number

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  • Line numbers include wrapped lines, but do not show true line number

    The shown line numbers in the text file compare are not the real line numbers.
    In very long lines,
    the lines are shown wrapped, but each wrapped line increases the line number!

    I searched for a setting, but I did not find it! Where is it?

    If it does not exist, I would like a solution like this:
    * in the footer the line number of the current cursor position is shown - either show both, mark the "wrapping including" line number with "w" at the end like "12348w" and "9634" as real line number - or make it configurable
    * in the line numbers on the left of a file, perhaps mark each wrapped line with a letter, so e. g.
    proposed wrapped   current
    9016       no      12007 --> already out of sync, because of longer wrapped lines before
    9017a      yes..   12008
    9017b    ..yes..   12009
    …        ..yes..   ...
    9017z    ..yes..   12033
    9017aa   ..yes..   12034
    …        ..yes..   ...
    9017bc   ..yes     12062
    9018       no      12063
    I have to compare 2 large text files A and B (ca. 100 k lines, 20 MB) that are mostly the same.
    If a line is different - I have to copy the whole "block" from B containing this difference to a 3rd file C - I have a list of blocks with its real line numbers in file B. The blocks can be 10 to 10000 lines.

    So I see the line number 12348 in file B in beyond compare 4.x and in the Notepad++ the real line number is e. g. somewhere 9600.

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    Thanks for the feedback. It's on our wishlist to enhance and increase the visibility of wrapped lines and add proper line numbers. In case it helps, the default line limit length can be increased. This is found in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog, select your format or the Everything Else text format (white icon), and in the conversion tab increase from the default 4096 to the max value of 65536.
    Aaron P Scooter Software