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  • Feature Request: Compare Websites

    So I'm working on a project where the online documentation (both our intranet and public) contain various revisions of the same documentation, but for different versions of an application. For instance, one of the more basic things I'm comparing are these 2 sites:

    I would love a quick way to actually see the differences between these 2 instruction sets and not just doing a visual check to see what seems different, or having to save the website and then comparing the files. This will also come in handy for sunsetting some of our internal documentation as well, which has a similar problem of duplication.

    I'm sure this is one of those features that sounds somewhat trivial at first thought, but I can see the rabbit hole...

    Thanks All!

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    If you copy/paste these paths into the Text Compare, you can load the file directly. BC4 does not support https:// as a Folder location directly, but if you can access the site as an SFTP site, you could load this as a base folder. How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Unfortunately with the volume of compare's I would need to do, the added overhead of copy/paste just won't work(I was doing that). FTP won't work either in this instance due to the variety of access I do not have, and that method would be challenging with dynamic sites where the content could actually live in a DB and not a file.