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Copy files from shared network to Sharepoint site, non-interactive session. Possible?

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  • Copy files from shared network to Sharepoint site, non-interactive session. Possible?

    I stumbled across this tool while searching for a solution to a problem that I sort of inherited and, before getting too far down the rabbit hole, I figured I'd just ask if what I need is possible. It seems promising and BCPro is already available through my firm's software acquisition/management system, which makes my life easier if it can work.

    Right now I've got a powershell script that does the thing, but the main issue is that it won't play nice with Task Scheduler during a non-interactive session.

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    It is possible, but it would depend on the non-interactive session configuration and if the sharepoint site is accessible in that state. Sometimes, the sharepoint site requires an interactive session before it is bound as a resource, or expect specific Windows user credentials. Is your sharepoint site accessible via OneDrive for Business (the OneDrive profile type) or WebDav (which can require authentication first with Internet Explorer specifically, and Remember Password enabled, before it is accessible as a Profile type in BC4 or as a bound drive in Windows Explorer).

    From BC4's perspective, non-interactive is possible, but depending on the environment you may not have access to the Windows User's Settings files (even if selecting to run as a specific user). In these cases, I recommend a Portable Install (C:\Tools\Beyond Compare 4\) single directory install, as this will always have access to the setting files. You can select to create a Portable Install with the setup.exe, and it will share settings between any user account (or no user account) that runs it.
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      Thanks for the response. Good to know it's theoretically possible from your side of things, that's what I was hoping to find out. I'm willing to do some tinkering on my end.

      Unfortunately, I have to reach out internally to figure out the information you've asked because I'm honestly not sure how the accessibility is set up. From my perspective, it just uses the standard credentials for my corporate user account to automatically grant access when I go to a sharepoint link because my account is authorized to use it. Kind of a scenario where I'm technically a little outside my rigid job description, but sometimes you have to try and just figure things out yourself or it will never get done.

      I've requested the BC4 for myself through the proper acquisition channels, so hopefully I can have a closer look in the next day or two. Maybe a little exploration and an email response or two will allow me to come back with better info and a more focused question.


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        Sure thing. If you have more specific information you'd like to privately email, you can reach us at with a link back to this forum thread for our reference.

        From my personal experience with Sharepoint, I'd probably give it about 50/50. There are a lot of "Sharepoint" configurations and they can be tricky to authenticate. If your user is required for the credentials, then not being logged in might be a roadblock unless there is another way to provide that information (such as a bound drive with remembered credentials or, if supported, BC4 Pro's OneDrive profile).

        As a quick tip if setting up a OneDrive profile, you will likely need to navigate to and Log Out via your default web browser. Then, when creating the profile in BC4 and it prompts for User/Pass, do not select the pre-popualted email. Instead, select to use New information, and retype the email manually. This allows the "For Personal or For Work" prompt to appear, which is sometimes needed to access OneDrive For Business (sharepoint) locations. This should be set up and tested in the graphical interface first, before attempting any automation or non-interactive sessions.
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