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3 Way Merge: Option to have BC consider same changes to LEFT and RIGHT unimportant?

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  • 3 Way Merge: Option to have BC consider same changes to LEFT and RIGHT unimportant?

    Currently, most of the time I'm using Beyond Compare to do a 3 way merge from within git ("git mergetool" > BC 4).

    For me BC's indication is rather confusing when it indicates a "difference" between LEFT and RIGHT when, in fact, there is no difference between both, but they both differ from the middle panel in the same way:

    3 way merge difference indicator

    The blue line indicates to me that BC took an educated guess on which of the two version to prefer. But, in fact, there is nothing to prefer, since both, LEFT and RIGHT, are equal.

    For me it's very hard and time consuming to unnecessarily examine every such line, hunting for differences that, in the end, don't exist.

    Is there an option in BC4 to disregard any differences in a 3 way merge resulting from LEFT and RIGHT having been changed equally?

    (I.e. consider L != M || R != M as being "unimportant" as long as L == R.)
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    View menu -> Favor Left (or Right) can be set to remove the coloring where that side was automatically picked.

    BC4's Text Merge session requires that the center pane be the common ancestor, and the Left/Right are descendants of the center. The current behavior notes if the Left and Right were commonly changed, then it is a common change that is brought into the output automatically (and picks a side in order to bring it into the Output).
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      I missed View -> Ignore Same Changes, which is the toggle to use for this specific scenario.
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