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unable to copy ... an unexpected network error occured

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  • unable to copy ... an unexpected network error occured

    I am trying to sync two folders, one on my pc one on a qnap nas. Files on the pc to mirrored over the the nas so that the nas is an exact copy of what is on my pc.

    I set the sync up, it read and compared the folders on both sides just fine, but when it went to do the updates a just got a series of errors reported such as:

    Unable to copy E:\Applied Patches\__Sync to HomeServer.ffs_batch: An unexpected network error occurred

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    The quickest troubleshooting method is to power cycle the NAS device, close and restart BC4 and see if that impacts the behavior you were seeing.

    For more detailed troubleshooting, if you attempt a copy with a single file from source to E:\ (NAS), using BC4 does it work? And if you repeat with that exact file, and same folder syntax in Windows Explorer (can copy/paste into the Location bar), does a Copy Paste work? And repeated with Windows Command Prompt's copy command?

    If it works in Explorer during these tests, if you then repeat the same single file test using BC4 or the command prompt, does a successful initial copy then allow the other programs to work?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, just to close the loop on this. I ended up deleting and recreating the folder on the nas; everything is working now as expected. Thanks for your help.