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  • Speed up Save Snapshot

    I need to compare mounted drives. because of encryption issues, they cant be mounted at the same time. I assumed the Save Snapshot function is the way to accomplish this. Save the folder and file structure and then compare that snapshot to the live mounted unencrypted 2nd drive, right?
    I ran a snapshot on one of the smaller folders to test - about 20í000 files - and it took BC more than .5 minutes to create the snapshot (crc off).

    Now I need to do this on millions of files, 5mins per 20k wont do it. I ran a simple file lister against the same folder and it took less than a second to compile a files/folders/paths/sizes/attributes/filetype list.

    Why does it take BC that long (folders with 3-4 pics in it took more than a second to analyze) and can I do something to speed it up dramatically?

    If not, can BC accept text files/csv of file and folder structures as input to compare to a live folder? That way I could use the file listers output instead of the snapshot.

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    Building a snapshot requires expanding and visiting all sub-items. How long does it take to issue an Expand All command to this test case? After expanding and building all subfolders, how long does it then take to generate the Snapshot? This way, we can troubleshoot if it's the expansion that takes awhile, or the snapshot generation that takes awhile.

    Also, for quick generation, definitely leave CRC disabled. However, do you have any other options enabled that would require opening files (such as Exe versions or Archive contents)? These would also add processing time.

    BC4 cannot accept a text file as a folder for comparison; if you can generate reports externally (two different reports), then BC4 could compare the reports as text files in the Text Compare or Table Compare. For a Folder representation, it would need to be a BC Snapshot file.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      It took 19mins to expand all 2693 folders and 5190 files. After that, the snapshot was saved instantly. I tested another directory - cause the first one seem to linger a very long time on one particular folder structure (webserver) - and those 1684 folders and 37832 files were expanded near instantaneously and the snapshot was saved instantly too.

      Looks like I just chose a weird folder to test this on.


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        Which columns are exposed in your trouble view? Some columns can be more demanding that others to generate (like CRC). You may also have some Session Settings enabled that are slowing down the loading/comparison. If you go Home, load a new blank, default Folder Compare, and then freshly load your two target folders into it, how does this perform?
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          Name, Size, Modified is all that shows. I tested a couple of more large folders and they work just fine. It seems only that particular non-live web-app folder that trips up BC and slows the process down massively. I can work around that.


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            If you'd like to troubleshoot further, you may want to set Exclude Name Filters on folder sets to find the specific subfolder that is causing problems. Such as:
            and then

            This can have its range narrowed to try and find if it's the parent folders overall, or if it's a specific subfolder or item.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Reading this already gives me a headache lol

              I know which folder is troubling this process. Strangely enough it has 976 subfolders but just 3 files. Almost all folders are empty.

              Iíll just delete that sucker.


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                Sounds good! Glad you were able to find it. If it helps, I forgot to include the above filters are basically:
                folders that start with A-M, and items on the base level
                folders that don't start with A-M, and exclude items on the base level.
                Aaron P Scooter Software