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Distribute a registered Beyond Compare - Windows 10 / SCCM

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  • Distribute a registered Beyond Compare - Windows 10 / SCCM

    Within our organisation we distribute our software with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manger. This copies a local
    installation source to the client and launch the installation from that location. We based our installation command line on the FAQ:

    This worked very well until the first installation of BC4 on Windows 10. On Windows 7, we had with this method never an issue before. But on Windows 10, it fails with an Error 1606. Could not access network location BC4Key.txt.

    The key is located within the same folder of the msi. The used command line is like: msiexec.exe --% /i "BCompare-" /q BCKEY="BC4Key.txt"

    With the current distribution method we don't have a fixed installation folder, so I'm looking to define path relative from msi location. I also tried with BCKEY=".\BC4Key.txt", but that doesn't work neither.

    Is their a solution to have Beyond Compare registered with an alternative method or with a relative path? Maybe to have a key directly within the commandline?

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    Where is your .msi located? I've tested with a bound network location to a drive letter, and the relative path "BC4Key.txt" was accepted when it was next to the MSI. If you pass a full path to the parameter, does this work for your location?
    Aaron P Scooter Software