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Compare filename case settings for folder names?

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  • Compare filename case settings for folder names?

    I was wondering if checking the option in Session Settings > Comparison - Compare filename case should work for folder names as well? Or is this feature truly only for filenames?

    When comparing two folders with this option checked and doing a Full Refresh, I still am unable to get Beyond Compare to recognize the difference in case of folders.

    A folder named "Database Storage" is seen as equal to a newer folder with an updated name "Database storage"

    Is there a way to compare the entire folder structure in one folder to replicate exactly to another (specifically the case of names of all folders and files)? Do I need to change another option in the settings to get this to work?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Screenshot of my settings for this section.
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      Refer to this thread:

      We will likely experience the heat death of the universe before Beyond Compare is able to compare foldername case.


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        It is something that's been previously requested and is not supported in the current version of Beyond Compare. We do have an open Customer Wishlist entry on the subject, and I'll add your notes and use case to it.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thank you for pointing me to the thread grindax. After reading through that, I see that is exactly what I am looking for, and I am too really surprised it hasn't been implemented yet. I honestly thought it was something I was doing wrong; maybe missing an option or a checkbox that would enable me to compare the folder names casing. Have you been able to find a workaround to your issue? Any particular application/utility that you have found... would be much appreciated.

          That would be a very helpful feature, as it seems to be lately that I'm dealing with clients with various 'cases' in their folder structures. Keeping casing uniform between projects is great, especially when the different people working on projects deviate from the naming conventions.

          I appreciate Team Scooter considering it for something to incorporate in a future release of Beyond Compare, thanks for your help Aaron.