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XLSX Table Comparison Very Slow-Then Crashes

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  • XLSX Table Comparison Very Slow-Then Crashes

    I am trying to use Beyond Compare version 4.1.9. I am trying to compare two xlsx files that are 61,082 and 61,137 KB in size. Iíve tried uploading them from a network drive and a local drive. I have also tried converting the xlsx files to csv files in both my network and local drive and loading them into Beyond Compare. In every situation, it will take about 10-15 minutes for both tables to finally load, and then will take an additional 20-30 minutes before completely crashing. Not sure what to do, as I canít imagine that the data sets are big enough to crash the software.

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    We also corresponded by email, I'll copy my email for anyone monitoring this thread:

    It might help to update to Beyond Compare's current version 4.2.10. To upgrade, run the installer for the new version, then select Upgrade as the install type.

    If upgrading to version 4.2.10 doesn't fix the problem and Beyond Compare displays a crash dialog when it crashes, please click the Save button to save the crash report as a text file, then send it to us. If a crash report is generated by Beyond Compare, that might help us diagnose the issue. Crash reports can be sent to
    Chris K Scooter Software