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  • Aaron

    When you refer to format of "general" and "date", are you referring to each column auto-detecting content: Text, Boolean, Date, Numeric? This detection will parse a column and if the entire column matches Date, Numeric, or Boolean, then it is given that status. If any data in the column breaks the pattern, then it falls back to detecting as Text. Most commonly, this will occur if a file has mostly Dates in the column, but the header or some other data was inserted somewhere among the other rows, and that single entry can cause the entire column to then detect as Text. This, itself, should be a difference between your files if one side is entirely dates, and the other side detects as Text.

    If you are still having trouble, could we get a full screen screenshot of the current comparison view, showing General and Date? You can post here or email to If emailing, please include a link back to this forum thread, and any additional files (Help menu -> Support; Export ->, sample files, etc).

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  • Marku
    started a topic Excel cell format comparing

    Excel cell format comparing


    I am trying to compare 2 excel sheets.
    1. Excel file: all the cells have the format "general"
    2. Excel file: one of the cells has the format "date"
    In both excel files the text in the cells is the same.

    Is there any way I can configure beyond compare to look for cell format differences as well?