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Issues comparing files named .img

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  • Issues comparing files named .img

    I would like to compare two files which has the name .img, but bcompare refuses to work.
    To reproduce
    dd count=16 if=/dev/urandom of=x1.img
    dd count=16 if=/dev/urandom of=x2.img
    bcompare x1.img x2.img
    I get the error message "Folder not available"

    Is there a command line switch where I can enforce HEX compare, regardless of file type or archive type settings?
    I tried with -fv="Hex Compare" commandline parameter, but the error message appears again.

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    If it were Windows I would suggest to remove "img" from archive types.
    In Linux I do not know where to change this.
    Also, it is in my WishList to be able to force the comparison of archives as normal files, only once, without changing settings.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      Rodolfo is correct. You can either open the Hex Compare first, and then use the Browse buttons to open the .img file, or you will need to use the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Archive Types tab, and remove Disk Image = *.img as an extension type for that archive. On Linux, this is in the same Options dialog location. (For Mac, use the Beyond Compare menu -> Preferences to find the options dialog.)
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        This is not very practical, because this issue is not only for img files, but for any archive formats. If I want to do a binary compare, there is no way from command line to do this.

        Ok, then I'd like to make it a feature request:

        "Allow to enforce comparison mode from command line ignoring all configured archivetypes or filetypes"


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          Improving archive handling while launching is on our wishlist.

          For the command line, you can use /qc to compare archives without opening them with
          echo %errorlevel%

          Different error level return values are documented in the Help file, Command Line Reference chapter, near the bottom.
          Aaron P Scooter Software