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Receiving "Access Violation Error" when comparing 2 Registry "*.reg" files

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  • Receiving "Access Violation Error" when comparing 2 Registry "*.reg" files


    I am a registered user who is receiving an "Access Violation Error" when comparing 2 Registry "*.reg" files.

    Both “.reg” files are on the same computer, in separate directories.

    The exact error message that I receive is: “Access violation at address 0000000000A45B27 in module 'BCompare.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFF86D477B1”.

    I will attempt to attach screenshot, for your reference.

    Do you have any advice on how to handle this issue?

    Thanks for your help with this problem.


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    Does the error reproduce if you update to the latest BC 4.2.10? All BC 4.x updates are free for 4.x users.

    Also, if you generate new .reg files using RegEdit on your machine (right click a small test folder and Export), does it also reproduce the issue?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      We also discussed this by email, copying my response for those following this thread.

      This appears to be an out of resources crash due to the size of the two registry files being compared.

      On my test PC, I loaded two 500 MB .reg files in the Registry Compare using BC 4.2.10 and they loaded OK. Then I opened a new tab and loaded the same .reg files a second time. Loading the files a second time displayed the crash dialog with similar AV and the call stack ending in TSsMultiTree.GetIsLeft.

      The only workaround for now is to split the comparison up into smaller pieces. The .reg files you tried to compare are 700 MB and 900 MB. If you limit the .reg file size to 500 MB or less, that should avoid the AV. Running separate exports and comparisons of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS might be a good way to split the comparison up into smaller pieces.

      I'll add this to our bug list to be fixed in a future version of Beyond Compare, we'll notify you when a fix is available.
      Chris K Scooter Software