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  • Aaron
    As Rodolfo mentions, you can exclude this file using the Session menu -> Session Settings, Name Filters tab, and in the Exclude File listbox, add:

    This should filter them out from view, and prevent the sync from attempting to copy them.

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  • RodolfoGiovanninetti
    You can try filtering out these files, so that meanwhile You can start copying other files, and You see only "true" errors.
    When BC support helps You solve this problem, You can set to see only differences and so copy only these files.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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  • Wolfgang Agler
    started a topic .DS_Store


    Hi There !!

    MOving Loads of data between data.

    But :

    This Mac File is displayed - but - alas - NOT copied - but creates an error - as displayed in the attached file.

    on an Share with 300 GB it occured almost 200 times - so when moving about 27 TB it will mask a lot of real errors.

    PLease advise !

    Attached Files
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