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Copy to side only doing selected folder contents.

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  • Copy to side only doing selected folder contents.

    Hello. I'm trying BC 4.2.10 B23938 and coming from BC 2.2.5 B223. I don't have any customizations so I'm a little stumped here

    In version 2 after comparing, on my left pane are the new files (blue) & modified files (red). With the compare done I would click the 3 overlapping arrows pointing to the right and all new and modified files would be copied to the right, regardless of how many files or folders were there.

    In version 4, after doing the compare, this isn't happening. I click on the double arrow pointing left & right causing the dialogue box to appear. Here I can choose to copy to the right but it will only copy the default selected folder. I have to do a ctrl+a to select all on the left in order to copy all in one shot.

    I'm just looking for the simple 1 button click to copy differences from the left side to the right side like in version 2.


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    BC4's Sync Update (Left to Right) functions similarly to BC2's command. However, the dialog preview that pops-up has an additional option: "Just Selection". Disable this option for the command to act on all items in the base folders. This option is sticky, and will be remembered the next time you execute the command as well. Does this help get the sync working like you expect?

    We have some older videos we helped make for BC2 to BC3 users:
    BC4's interface is largely similar to BC3, so these videos may be useful for you.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for the reply. I'll check out the videos but for now, I don't see this "just selection" on my dialogue box.

      Click image for larger version

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        The command in your screenshot is Copy. It operates on selected files and folders. To copy only differences, use the Sync commands. In BC4, the sync command isn't on the toolbar by default, but you can add it in.

        To add the sync to the BC4 toolbar:
        Open Tools > Options.
        Go to the Toolbars, etc. section.
        In the Select View dropdown, select Folder Compare.
        For the Update Left and Update Right commands, check Toolbar, then click OK.

        After you've added the toolbar button, load two folders in the Folder Compare.
        Click the Update Right or Update Left toolbar button (three green arrows).
        Uncheck Just Selection, then click Sync.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Outstanding. I'll turn the demo into paid tomorrow.

          Thanks for the help.