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My wish-list for folder comparison: drag and drop.

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  • My wish-list for folder comparison: drag and drop.

    I am comparing a remote drive where in "N:\users\<name>\desktop" I have a file such as "".
    With "<name>" I mean that this file is on the desktop of many people that share the same computer, each with its own name.
    On my local drive I have the new version of "" file.
    In the filter I choose to see only "".
    And I select "Only Compare Files".
    So, when I choose "Expand All", I see only remote desktops that have this old file.
    It would be easy for me to drag and drop the local new file to remote desktops, one per time.
    Is it possible?
    If so, I did not find how.
    Instead, I worked in this way.
    I added a keyboard shortcut, such as "ctrl+C", to "Copy Filename".
    And another keyboard shortcut, such as "ctrl+T", to "Copy to Folder".
    Now, I select a remote desktop folder and then press "ctrl+C".
    Then, I select the new local "" and press "ctrl+T".
    It asks me where I want to copy this file to.
    I go to the destination path and press ctrl+v.
    And then the copy works.
    I select the next desktop and so on.
    I believe that it would be easier to be able to drag and drop between two sides in folder comparison.

    Thank You very much and regards

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    Thanks. Drag and drop behavior is something on our wishlist, but not a feature we've been able to tackle.

    One other workaround which may help is, if you right click each user's Desktop folder and Set As Base Folder, you should then see the files line up side by side in the same relative structure. You can then Copy To Side (avoiding copying the filename, etc) for that specific pair. Then use the Back command, or the MRU list to go 'back up a level', then drill back down to the next user's Desktop as the next Set As Base Folder.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank You, I tried Your idea, but when, after having copied the file to the first desktop, I go back, it shows again ALL users folders, and I have to open them again to see only desktops. Or I misunderstood Your idea and I can go back and still see only relevant desktops?

      Thank You again and regards

      Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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        Sorry, what i mean is instead of using Copy To Folder, the Left and Right base folders are already "correct", so the copy is straight across (left to right). There is a right-click "set base folder" command to quickly set certain folders as base folders (in order to set this up) and a Back command arrow on the far right side of the toolbar to 'go back' to the previous pair of set base folders. Between these two commands, you can set new base folders, copy, and then back out pretty quickly.
        Aaron P Scooter Software