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  • Word Wrap in Text Compare?

    I use a 30-inch monitor, but there appears to be no word-wrap in Text Compare I have one never-ending line of text on the left, and another never-ending line of text on the right

    ...and 80% of my screen is going to waste

    ...and I have to scroll forever horizontally to find discrepancies in legal texts that can be pages long in their printed versions

    Why is there no word-wrap feature in Text Compare?

    I have 200 texts to compare

    ...and have just discovered the only way I can reasonably compare those texts is by using MS WORD


    I've looked in vain on these forums, and see this feature has been requested for YEARS!!!

    .. but never implemented

    ...WHY NOT???

    I have loved Beyond Compare for folder compare

    ...but I'm now looking elsewhere for another product to purchase

    ...this text compare implementation is making my life a living Hell

    ...there HAS to be an easier way.

    Oh yes, that's right...MS WORD.


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    Word Wrap is something on our wishlist, but not a project we've been able to tackle yet. Line breaks are always considered important in BC4. There are a few workarounds, including:
    - Next Difference command (not Next Difference Section) will scroll horizontally to the next difference in the line or next line.
    - Session menu -> Text Compare Report, Output type: HTML. This output can support displayed wrapping in the browser program.
    - External Conversion to normalize whitespace/line breaks, using a Tidy utility. We have a few for download for specific file types (HTML, XML) on our Additional File Formats Downloads page, or any custom utility can be inserted:

    Implementing our own word wrap solution for the main interface is on our radar, but as you note, it's not an quick enhancement or small project.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for your reply, Aaron...I'm not trying to be unpleasant or unkind, but I and many, many other customers are displeased by the "it's on our radar" answer which has been used for years I mean this as a feature request, yes, but also as a real complaint.

      One might think that, of course, Microsoft has the means to make WORD do a compare...however, after posting my original comment, I found an open source plug-in for Notepad++ that does textual compare quickly and cleanly, WITH WORD WRAP, so it can apparently be done and offered to users without the resources of a Microsoft.

      So in lieu of BC, I'm now using a free open source program [] with a free open source plug-in [] to do what I had hoped your commercial software product would do.

      I may find nothing better than Beyond Compare (all around), but I will be looking for something else. For nearly 30 years I've been using software - commercial, open source, and free - that has word wrap. Maybe it's a really hard thing to implement...I don't know...but if I can find another product to replace Beyond Compare, I am out of here.

      Again, I don't mean to be unpleasant or unkind, so please forgive me if I seem to be either. I've always liked BC - a lot - but I'm just at my wit's end with this ridiculous "solution" of telling customers it's on your radar.

      Maybe it's time to take this off your radar and put it into your software.


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        Originally posted by Dare-To-Compare View Post

        Maybe it's time to take this off your radar and put it into your software.
        I fully agree.

        There are many other long standing requests being on Scooter's radar.


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          Word Wrap is something on our wishlist,
          You are taking too much time to implement a single piece feature and it's frustrating!
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            We go into more detail on word wrap's status in this thread:
            Aaron P Scooter Software