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  • Show only differences not working

    I just upgraded to V 4. In V 3 when i compared two directories that had many sub-directories and files, only files that were different were displayed. In V 4, every file is listed. For example, if I have two directories with a total of 1,000 files but only one of them is different, V 3 would display one file while V 4 displays all 1,000 files. I have the option to display differences but no options enabled and the rules for file size and timestamps off.

    Also, the differences aren't flagged until I click into them. For example, the middle column (between the two listings) will be clear. If I click to open a file I know is different and then close that window, the middle column now shows the red not equal icon. But if I click into one that is the same and close that window, the middle column now shows the black equals icon.

    Can someone please explain how to get V 4 to only display files with actual differences and to show the icon prior to comparing the files?

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    If You set the comparison so that it DOES NOT consider size nor time, in my opinion it is normal that the files are not considered different at first.
    Maybe what You are looking for is Session > Session Settings > Handling and then set to scan folders.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      Thanks for the suggestion. I tried changing some settings in sessions but it didn't help. I could live with the full listing if I have to but not having the status displayed in the center column makes it pretty much useless. I must be missing some setting.


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        It sounds like BC3 was configured to run a Rules-based scan by default, but BC4 has not had that option set or imported yet. To enable it in a specific Folder Compare session, go to that session's Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab. Leave the defaults of Timestamp, Size, and Override Quick Tests enabled, then also enable Content Comparison: Rules-based (or Binary).

        This can apply just for the current view, or update the dropdown at the bottom to "Also update session defaults" to apply to any future folder compare sessions (but not any previously saved or auto-saved ones).

        Both BC3 and BC4 start with the same out of the box default behavior (timestamp/size compare only), but it is easy to update the global default to include a content scan on load. My hunch is you did this once years ago for BC3, but haven't re-configured BC4 yet.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thank you. That was it. You're right about me setting it up years ago. I figured I was missing something now but couldn't find it.


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            I thought this was all set but it's not. I just did a comparison and the display shows about 300 files with the Binary differences icon. I made a change to one file and refreshed. That one file shows not equal. But it is buried in all of the others and easily overlooked. Then I opened one of the files I knew was different that showed the Binary differences. When I closed it, the not equal icon was showing.

            I changed the binary search to rules based but it didn't make a difference. I tried BS 3 and it worked as expected. All I want displayed are files that contain something different. Is that possible yet or should I revert to V 3 until V 4 has been updated?


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              To match the same results as double clicking and viewing visible data, use the Rules-based scan.

              A Rules-based scan compares the visible data in the viewer (and can usually define unimportance, controls alignment, etc). A binary scan is a full bit-by-bit scan, comparing the entire file (even non-visible parts), so a binary scan could return different while a rules-based scan will return equal.

              The icon in the middle will represent the scan completed. Of note, if you select Rules-based, a binary icon can be used since BC4 can determine if a binary scan is faster to perform and if equal will use those results (and if unequal, will then run the rules-based scan to show/use those results). Since, any file that is binary equal must also be rules-based equal, and the binary scan can be faster to perform.

              Please double check your Session Settings. If you have disabled Override Quick Test results, or enabled any other options, you'll see different behavior based on this new configuration. If you are still having trouble, please email in to along with:
              1) Your (Help menu -> Support; Export)
              2) A full screen screenshot showing your session after load
              3) A link back to this forum thread for our reference
              Aaron P Scooter Software